Why All Men Should Do Jelqing

By Cletus Davis

Alright, here’s my hillbilly take on this new type of exercise called “Jelqing“.

Quite a doozy if you ask me.

But hugely beneficial.

Is it the best source for penis size gains?

Honestly, no.

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Jelqing – What Is It?

It’s natural to ask what jelqing is if you’ve never heard the term before.

It Works.

If you don’t believe me, check this out to see the results from this professionally conducted jelqing study from PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence: see before and after results.

The technique is supposed to lead to lasting results. If your man asks you what is jelqing, let him know that jelqing is actually an ancient technique that dates back to nomadic Arab tribes.

It involves handling his penis in a way that encourages blood flow.

Jelqing is a technique to help a guy potentially increase his size — maybe by as much as 2 inches.

Some men have even hung weights on their penis to try to enlarge the penis, which is not how to jelq and is an idea I definitely don’t recommend! Here’s a description of jelqing:

Although the technique is not necessarily medically sound, it’s something to try if your man wants a bigger penis.

But man, oh man, jelq with caution.

That is you have to be careful with your jelqs.

When people ask what is jelqing, they usually remember the answer because some say that’s where the term “jerking off” comes from.

There could be some consequences if it is not done correctly.

So is jelqing masturbating? …Well no.

There are certain similarities – both definitely “feel” good.

He should prepare his penis by first warming it up by wrapping it with a warm washcloth or towel or by taking a warm shower.

Some men claim to add up to 2 inches in both length and girth just by jelqing and sticking to a dedicated exercise regimen of about 10 minutes a day for two to five days per week.

It helps if you realize that jelqing means “milking.” So what a man does when he jelqs is similar to milking a cow. He strokes outward to encourage blood flow in his penis.

He can jelq without using lube, but the process might cause some discomfort or chafing.

Just like when you masturbate, it will be more pleasant if your man uses lubrication first.

  • Step 1: Lather up and lubricate.

Use Vaseline or a water-based lubricant like those sold with the Fleshlight.

  • Step 2: Grow your erection

Your penis needs to be relaxed so that it can be easy to push the blood through it. Remember not to perform jelqing with the full erection. Bring the penis erection a level to 50 or 75% by stroking the penis slightly.

  • Step 3: Deploy the grip to your penis at the base

Make an “OK-sign” with your thumb and index finger and wrap it around the base of your penis.

  • Step 4: Slide the grip up the penis shaft

Apply a light pressure on the OK-grip by squeezing and move it up the penis slowly. The suitable jelqing pressure does not hurt, but pushes the blood up your penis with vigor.

  • Step 6: Stop the sliding motion just before the penis glans starts

Finish the OK-grip before reaching your glans. You just completed a jelq! Each should take about 3 – 5 seconds.

  • Step 7: Do it again to get in all your repetitions.

Why is this such a big jelqing mistake?

These are poor repetitions.

This will allow you to commit the full 5 seconds to muscle memory.

This can lead to getting in the bad habit of doing quick jelq reps (bad) because you get impatient or you’re distracted.

You have to form good habits when you’re first starting jelqing.

We highly suggest going as far as timing each rep using a stopwatch.

Maintaining a 70-80% erection level whlie jelqing is slightly challenging because jelqing requires you pay attention to your penis.

That’s not surprising – jelqing actually feels good on your penis.

For most men, as they do their exercise session, they will naturally get a harder and harder penis erection.

Also, never jelq with a 100% full erection — it’s not necessary, and might actually reduce jelqing gains.

Some Final Thoughts on Jelqing

Here’s how often to jelq.

Shoot for every other day at first, then advance toward five days on, 2 days off.  If you exceed five sessions a week, you will go blind. (We’re kidding!)

Follow a specific jelqing routine.

Following is a basic jelq routine, perfect for those beginning penis enlargement. For more advanced routines, check out our other guides for more on the topic of penis enlargement.

So get into it and get that large penis you so desired with jelqing!

Have you tried jelqing? What do you think about this penis exercise? Has it actually improved your sexual relationships with women? Has it decreased your anxiety during sex?

I know you will not regret it!